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London Escorts

What Do I Need To Know About Escort In The United Kingdom

An escort service cannot be defined under one label in the UK. Some companies send people out on dates, or as guests, and others involve the exchange of cash for sexual acts. The latter is known as prostitution, and in Great Britain, it is now legal. It was legal in Northern Ireland too, but they re-criminalized it in January 2015.

Is hiring a London escort illegal if I want to have sex?

It is not against the law to hire a London escort, but she is in no way obligated to have sex with you. If she decides she doesn’t want to do any sexual act, then you have no legal recourse. You are not protected by sales rules because it is not regarded as a service or product.

On the other hand, paying for sexual acts is not illegal in the same way that wasting water is not against the law. However, there are many prostitution-related activities that are illegal.

What is illegal about the sex trade in Great Britain?

There are quite a few things you cannot do. For example, you cannot legally own a brothel or legally manage a brothel. Pandering and pimping is illegal in a public place, plus there are lots of other illicit activities relating to selling intercourse and sexual acts too.

It is against the law to curb crawl, but it is not to hire a personal masseuse or use an adult-related service. It is unlawful if the person doing the selling is being forced to have sex. If any person is being forced to have any form of intercourse, then it is illegal, and this includes if the boss of the escort service, brothel or massage parlour is forcing people to have sexual intercourse. This means that as a buyer, you can still go to prison for buying sex because you didn’t know the person you had intercourse with was being forced to have it with you. Clients can be prosecuted even if the clients didn’t know the prostitute was being forced.

Why are there brothels that offer escorting services?

A brothel, which is a building where sex is sold and had, is not illegal, but it is against the law to own or manage one. There are places in England, Scotland and Wales where brothels are seemingly overlooked. For example, there are London escorts and Manchester escorts that are actually prostitutes, but they are renamed masseurs and work in massage parlours (that are actually selling sexual favors or intercourse).

Cities such as London do not have their brothel laws enforced within certain boundaries. If a company is discreet and calls itself a massage parlour, then the police will leave it alone. If it markets its services too overtly, or starts attracting negative attention, or starts forcing or intimidating its workers, then it will be closed down.

Is there a prostitute age of consent?

In Great Britain, it is against the law to buy sexual acts or sexual intercourse from somebody under the age of 18yrs old. The legal age of consent for non-commercial sex in the UK is 16yrs old, but buying sex from somebody has far more emotional and physical tolls. For the prostitute the burden, the mental and physical toll is sometimes steep. It is harder for younger and less mature people, which is why it is illegal to buy any form of sexual act from somebody under the age of 18yrs old. It is also against the law to film somebody having intercourse of any kind unless he or she is 18yrs old or over. That law applies even if you paid that person.

Can I video record sex without her knowledge?

You cannot video anybody having sex without their knowledge, including your London escort. In the UK, it is very unlawful and it is a crime that it is very easy to send you to prison for. Furthermore, if that video gets out on the Internet or is seen by other people, then the charges will mount to the point where you can end up doing some serious time. In short, do not secretly video record your time with your lady of the night without telling her first and getting her permission.